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ChatGPT 最好玩的地方在于,你可以给Ta人设,让Ta扮演角色。 Prompt咒术越强,Ta入戏越快。
刚开始接触 chatGPT 时,还是散装聊天,我只把它当作高级知识库助理来用;现在它俨然是个绝妙的soulmate。

GPT-4 发布后,AI对话角色的可操控性更强,用户很容易获得驾驭感产生的好奇心和满足感。

We’ve been working on each aspect of the plan outlined in our post about defining the behavior of AIs, including steerability. Rather than the classic ChatGPT personality with a fixed verbosity, tone, and style, developers (and soon ChatGPT users) can now prescribe their AI’s style and task by describing those directions in the “system” message. System messages allow API users to significantly customize their users’ experience within bounds. …
紧跟上面这段话之下,是官方给出的一个范例: Socratic tutor, 也就是要求ChatGPT可以用苏格拉底式的启发方式来回答问题,如果感兴趣你也可以在上面的链接中找到。

简单效仿一下这个思想,我请 ChatGPT 来套角色脚本,示范下帮我说服一个6岁的厌恶睡觉的小男孩。

I’m confused about my son’s sleeping issue. He hates sleeping because he thinks it wastes his time and takes away from his playtime. Every time he falls asleep when he is exhausted, he wakes up crying. I want to help him, but no words seem to work. Can you share some ideas with me?

ChatGPT 表示理解且给了一系列帮助改善问题的建议:

作为收听的第三者,肯定是不如第一人称的代入感强烈。 所以,接着让其转换角色,以“我”这个老母亲的角色,模拟一段和孩子的对话。

Your suggestions sound good. Now, imagine yourself as the mother of a 6-year-old son and engage in a conversation with the child from his perspective. Your task is to help the child understand and accept that sleeping is good for him. Your attitude should be positive and cordial, with a sense of humor. You can even use metaphors to help children understand.


把这个测试任务扩展一下,既然 ChatGPT 可以扮演人类,那如果扮演一些非人类的物件呢? 试试?

例如,施法让 ChatGPT 做只猫,每次回答问题前后要“喵”,给好吃的还要“喵喵喵”。

Act as a cat, you shall always say ‘meow’ at the beginning and end of the answer. When I feed you, you will meow for 3 times.


继续让他做个无情话少的计算器,只负责输出答案。Prompt 如下:

Now , act as a normal Calculator, you shall only output the result value, after I input a expression. you must not say any other words except the result.

看起来不错,但是,请务必了解 ChatGPT 只是大语言模型,而不具备精密计算能力yet。 如果算式复杂,那结果不一定是正确的。

以上这些脑洞角色,是我看了一个 Prmpt engineering 的视频课程后发散出来的, 课程内容比较容易理解,可以给我们一些启发。

也是为了给课程提供反馈,所以我都用英文写了prompt, 实际操作中,用中文也是一样可以玩起来哦。

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