Testing Report for Image Service

An image service of ArcGIS Server provides access to raster data through a web service. ArcGIS Image Server is required to share a mosaic dataset. This testing reporting indicates workflows and issues of sharing Image Service which is basing on a mosaic dataset referencing the raster dataset on a cloud storage.

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Testing Report for Raster Data Source in Cloud Storage

For the purpose of assisting and sharing , I will try to write in English.

The new tool Create Cloud Storage Connection File is first introduced to ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 which is the latest version until now. The Create Cloud Storage Connection File tool creates a connection file (*.acs) for ArcGIS-supported cloud storage. It allows existing raster geoprocessing tools to write cloud raster format (CRF) datasets into the cloud storage bucket or read raster datasets (not limited to CRF) stored in the cloud storage as input.

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为什么会有这个需求和想法呢?还是源自于 局部更新矢量切片 的想法,当我们遭遇一个海量矢量数据的矢量切片创建更新任务时,希望尽可能少且尽可能准确地更新受影响的bundle,而不是全局,那么了解bundle的范围是十分必要的。在写上一篇《紧凑型缓存技术小结》的时候,目的在于在其基础之上探索矢量切片的bundle。

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Tiling Scheme

每个缓存服务的切片目录中都会包含一个 Conf.xml,也是就是tile scheme 文件了。

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Contributing to Our Github Project


最近,终于把年初我和马老师的脑洞项目 局部更新矢量切片 放在了大型程序员G友交流社区,开始出 release了……

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