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The shapefile is an open format to which many software packages write. Unfortunately, some of these software packages—sometimes due to bugs, sometimes due to lack of knowledge—do not follow the documented specification of the shapefile format.


  • 短线段/Short segment
    Some segments are shorter than allowed by the system units of the spatial reference associated with the geometry.

  • 空几何/Null geometry
    The feature has no geometry or nothing in the SHAPE field.

  • 不正确的环顺序/Incorrect ring ordering
    The polygon is topologically simple, but its rings may not be oriented correctly (outer rings—clockwise, inner rings—counterclockwise).

  • 不正确的线段方向/Incorrect segment orientation
    Individual segments are not consistently oriented. The “to” point of seg i should be incident on the “from” point of seg i+1.

  • 自相交/Self intersections
    A polygon must not intersect itself.

  • 非封闭环/Unclosed rings
    The last segment in a ring must have its “to” point incident on the “from” point of the first segment.

  • 空部分/Empty parts
    The geometry has multiple parts and one of them is empty (has no geometry).

  • 重复折点/Duplicate vertex
    The geometry has two or more vertices with identical coordinates.

  • 属性不匹配/Mismatched attributes
    The Z or M coordinate of a line segment’s endpoint does not match the Z or M coordinate of the coincident endpoint on the next segment.

  • 不连续部分/Discontinuous parts
    One of the geometry’s part is made up of disconnected or discontinuous parts.

  • 空Z值/Empty Z values
    The geometry has one or more vertex with empty Z value (NaN, for example).

以上的错误,可以用使用工具 Check Geometry 进行检查,工具会生成有关几何错误的报表。使用 Repaired Geometry 工具进行修复。

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