HERE MAP API - Part1 Basemap Setup

Quick Start for HERE Map Javascript API

HERE 官网有一个很有趣的Tutorial, Who wants ice cream !?

如果你注册了HERE Developer 账号,很可能会被推送到这个教程的小广告。

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因为工作的事情,最近忙于切换节奏适应新环境,有一个月没来 kikitaMap “巡检”了。果然昨天发现了小故障,七牛云存储的存储空间的临时域名失效了,之上的我的图床也就挂了。涉及到的对象:碎碎念相机里 中的全部图片和 木工开物 的小部分博客中图片。Just too bad …

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Testing Report for Image Service

An image service of ArcGIS Server provides access to raster data through a web service. ArcGIS Image Server is required to share a mosaic dataset. This testing reporting indicates workflows and issues of sharing Image Service which is basing on a mosaic dataset referencing the raster dataset on a cloud storage.

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Testing Report for Raster Data Source in Cloud Storage

For the purpose of assisting and sharing , I will try to write in English.

The new tool Create Cloud Storage Connection File is first introduced to ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 which is the latest version until now. The Create Cloud Storage Connection File tool creates a connection file (*.acs) for ArcGIS-supported cloud storage. It allows existing raster geoprocessing tools to write cloud raster format (CRF) datasets into the cloud storage bucket or read raster datasets (not limited to CRF) stored in the cloud storage as input.

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